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Test waters in the competitive Forex trading with the best forex training software
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13 May 2010

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Forex Tester is an excellent tool for learning to deal in Forex (Foreign Exchange) trading. In this application you do not have to risk your real money for learning. This trading simulator works on data stored in the software to plan your strategy. You can also add various data for analysis of various situations. You can set the speed of price changes as per your convenience. This application also helps you with the trading statistics and intuitive-friendly interface. This also saves you lot of time that you might need to spend in learning and getting experience of forex trading with the real trading. You get to learn to handle situations in a very short period of time without risking your savings.

If you take it in a let go way and it may prove to be hassle when you suddenly move to the real business. This may happen because you are not used to have patience and while you were using Forex Tester 1.10 you never had to be cautious of big losses and this habit may bring big problems at the time of real business.

Publisher's description

Test waters in the competitive Forex trading with the best forex training software. Learn how to perform basic currency trading and master advanced strategies without spending a dime! Forex Tester 2.0 simulates Forex environment, supplying the trader with real data on currency values and exchange rates and allowing you to try various trading strategies without risking your money.
Forex Tester 2.0 operates with real historical data, allowing you to play back exchange rates of any period of time while carrying on trading. You can 'buy' and 'sell' currencies based on historical exchange rates without actually spending your money. Having several windows with different currencies and time frames open at the same time, you can carry on trading the way it works in real-life situations or test multi-currency trading strategies.
To make Forex training easier, Forex Tester 2.0 can slow down or accelerate rates of currency exchanges. Mastering trading is impossible without analyzing past transactions, and Forex Tester 2.0 allows rolling back your trades to analyze your strategy in retrospect.
Forex Tester 2.0 is a perfect tool to develop and test automated trading strategies. Real data supply and the ability to accelerate data feeds make strategy analysis a blast while remaining as or more precise than competition. Even with these automated strategies Forex Tester 2.0 makes it easy to review each operation made by the algorithm in retrospect to better understand its strong points and limitations. Those who prefer making their own decisions will find the many indicators and graphical tools provided by Forex Tester 2.0 extremely handy.
Forex Tester 2.0 is never too grin or too optimistic, providing performance extremely similar to that in real life. With Forex Tester 2.0, you will never again have to use a trading strategy that works better on a simulator than it performs in real life!
Forex Tester
Forex Tester
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User comments

Hi guys! FT2 is one of the best backtester I ever seen. Many useful tools incide and friendly user environment. Recommended for any level trader! Cheers
David F
"I have to say that this is a great tool. Even though I`ve only been demoing the trial version I`m glad I found it. So far I haven`t found anything similar that didn`t require high monthly fees just to get in the door and try or so overly complex that you feel you need to be a programmer just to take your first step!

This allows someone, in a painless manner, to train and test out their theories and strategies without being chained all night to the London session or so tired and beat up afterwards that the New York session feels like nine rounds with a boxer breathing in your face!"
I have been using your software for about a week now, and I must say I don`t know how I could`ve lived without it! I`ve been trading Forex for over four years, and I did try to keep track of trades on PAPER; but there`s always that issue of did price `really` hit my sell limit, and did price `really` hit my target? At what exact time? You can fudge it too easily. Plus, when looking at past data on your trading platform, you can already `see` what price has done and it DOES sway you, even if you tell yourself to just take it bar by bar -- there`s always the time when you forget and scroll too far ...

With your software, there`s NO view into the future in Testing Mode, and to be honest, I`ve learned a lot more about price action JUST WATCHING it run! It`s been the best money I`ve ever spent on software for (forex) trading!

I am able to see yearly, monthly, weekly, daily pivots AS THEY FORM (just remember to add enough data prior to your starting test date for the pivots to calculate) and it`s great!!!!

I love the order placement with its ease of use ... I was a bit scared of trying it but if I can figure it out, anyone can!

So, in closing - thanks for a great product!
I stumbled across Forex Tester and decided to give it a try. I`m very pleased that I did.

With it I have been able to do hours and hours of demo trading. Because I can control the speed of the simulation, I can do more demo trading with it than I can with a real demo account (an account that is constrained to real market speed). And I can practice on weekends when the market is closed.

I`ve already been able to test more than 5 systems and I`ve learned all kinds of techniques using it - finding support and resistance, drawing trend lines, practicing Fibo retracements and extensions.

It has all the studies I could ask for - moving averages, stochastics, MACD, bands, RSI, etc.
The interface is very similar to MetaTrader 4 which is the software I first began using to demo trade, so it was very easy for me to learn.
With a few good books, a solid connection to a good training community via a good Forex forum and Forex Tester software, I have everything I need to move toward success in my trading.

I`m already seeing improvements in my ability to pick good trades, avoid simple newbie mistakes and I`m seeing my simulated account growing already.
Best money I`ve spent on my Forex education. I can`t recommend this software highly enough.
My only complaint is that I can`t find a good, cheap (preferably free) source of up-to-the minute data to feed into Forex Tester so I can practice on recent data.
Forex Tester does provide years of tick data for most of the currency pairs going back to the early 2000s. But it only comes up to around Jan 10, 2008. The data is updated quarterly, so I`ll eventually have data from Feb and Mar 2008, but I`d like to have it now.
None the less, that`s a tiny problem given the years and years of data on which I can practice.

Excellent program!!
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